10 Minutes or less DeFi and Crypto Updates

Special Edition: DeFi Taxes and Accounting

Pat joins a superstar panel of tax and accounting professionals to talk about the intricacies of DeFi tax and accounting. How should you handle movements into liquidity pools? How about staking? Did you know NFTs might have a different tax rate than the rest of your tokens?? All the answers here, today. This is not […]

Mar 3rd, 2021: Banksy Gets in on DeFi

Banksy has digitized and NFT’ized a work of art called Morons, and Pat couldn’t be happier. He and Amy talk about all things NFT, the BitMex founders are probably going to jail, and Bitwave is doing a webinar about DeFi taxes – check it out @ https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5616146218696/WN_2yVuW3ktQr2P9qGJJVZRfA

Feb 26th, 2020: Coinbase is Worried About Satoshi

Pat and Amy are back to talk about Coinbase’s S1, Tether’s NY Court beatdown, and the market’s general reluctance to keep printing unlimited amounts of money. Happy Friday! Automatic Transcript: Amy    00:00:01    Hello, and welcome to the DeFi daily, a 10 minute or less DeFi and crypto update. I’m Amy here with Pat and we’re […]

Feb 22nd, 2021 (Bonus Ep): Crypto Use Case

Pat and Amy have taken to clubhouse! Follow them at @patwhitesf, and jump in when we’re recording! Today, after we finished recording we got an audience question, listen in as Pat talks about why he likes Ethereum so much and the different use cases around crypto. —– Automatic Transcript: Amy    00:00:00    Hey everybody. We got […]

Feb 22nd, 2021: Watch Yo Coin

With great volatility comes great…liquidation. The Markets took a dive today and over $25 mil of ETH loans were liquidated. Plus, China continues to make forward progress toward a CBDC, and Pat and Amy debate what exactly billion dollar crypto inflows to exchanges mean. — Automatic Transcript Amy 00:00:00 Hello, and welcome to the DeFi […]

Feb 21st, 2020: The $1T Weekend Edition

Pat and Amy took some time out of their weekend to do some deep diving – instead of the normal 10 minutes, this is a full hour episode! They start out with the news, covering the crazy market cap we hit, reviewing the most recent goings on around Uni and Sushi, and chatting about the […]

Feb 18th, 2020: ETH 2k Watch, Day 1

ETH hits a new all-time high of $1,950 and people lose their mind over BNB, just another day in the Bitcoin mines. Pat and Amy chat price, plus the SEC takes some incredibly expected action against DMM (and Pat goes on a rant about when we should actually be concerned about SEC action), and Coinbase […]

Feb 17th, 2020: Pat Doesn’t Get NFTs

Pat doesn’t get NFTs, and honestly, NFTs could care less as the market explodes and trading value goes through the roof. Amy and Pat discuss that plus the crazy BTC run up to $52,000, ETH’s trading on the CME, and Pat gives an overview of some of the different crypto index funds, focusing on PowerIndex […]

Feb 16th, 2020: BTC 50k Watch Day 2 – We Made It!

The hunt for 20k might have lasted a month, but the hunt for 50k literally lasted 1 day – welcome to a new world where 1 bitcoin can buy you a 1 brand new 2020 Porsche Macan. Or 50,000 tacos. Both good options. Pat and Amy cover that, plus there’s a run-up in oracle token […]

Feb 15th, 2020: BTC 50k Watch, Day 1

Bitcoin is sitting at $49,412, and Amy and Pat are here to stare at our phones with you! Plus, another flash loan attack, this time against Cream and Alpha, Pat gives a run down of EIP 1559, 1Inch is dropping some air, and Uniswap hit $100B cumulative trading volume, which is absolutely incredible.