10 Minutes or less DeFi and Crypto Updates

Oct 18th, 2021 – BTC ATH WATCH, Day 1

Well, that was fast. It wasn’t but 6 months ago we worried Bitcoin may never reach it’s highest highs, but here we are knocking on $65k, with a brand new shiny Bitcoin ETF floating around to keep us company. Pat and Amy are back from tax season and ready to talk about everything, including…Draft Kinds […]

Oct 12th, 2021: The IMF Isn’t Even Ready for Pat’s Rant at Them

And another thing about the IMF, they spend a whole report bagging on crypto and don’t even mention the enormous benefits a fully transparent monetary system could have for a corrupt country?!?! Hear the begging of THAT rant today on the DeFi daily, plus Coinbase and Bitwave are getting into NFTs!

Oct 6th, 2021 – Do We Even Need to Say This? Don’t Dox Your Users!

We bury the lede, but boy did compound cause a stir over the weekend. That plus, hodl’ing is looking pretty good, and custodians are all the rage! And hey look, we have a new sponsor! Join Bitwave and the DeFi Daily at Money 2020 In Vegas, save some money with the code DEFI200

Sept 21st, 2021 – Monday, Blooooody Monday (On Tuesday)

Oh man, yesterday was a rough day, but don’t worry, Amy and Pat are here to help you understand this whole mess of a situation! Evergrande, Tether, contagion, oh my! Plus, insider trading at Binance?!?! Banish the thought!!

Sept 16th, 2021 – As Michael Jackson Said, We Are The Markets

Avalanche falls into an avalanche of funding, Solana appears to have soft-landed their major outage, and South Korea is hurting themselves with crypto taxes – just another day in DeFi land!

Sept 14th, 2021 – The Validators Were Forking Uncontrollably

It’s an all Solana show! We haven’t spent much time talking about the wunderkind protocol, but boy did they have a bad day. Pat hosts by himself to give you a deep dive into the Solana outage.

Sept 10th, 2021 – What Even is a Hot Take?

Doesn’t matter, cause Amy and Pat have ’em! Cyphertrace getting purchased for an undisclosed amount (that’s weird), dydx has a token dropping, and Algorand is locked in a bloody battle to give away as much money as possible – go get your’s! Oh, and happy Friday, maybe take the day off from looking at the […]

Sept 6th, 2021 – Uniswapped by the SEC

Well, the SEC is back at it, enforcing unclear rules on ambiguously liable companies with hazy jurisdiction. What could go wrong? That, plus Lobby Lobster Lobs Loot at Lawmakers (NFT raises money to lobby congress, I know, and I’m sorry about that turn of phrase).