10 Minutes or less DeFi and Crypto Updates

Oct 18th, 2021 – BTC ATH WATCH, Day 1

Well, that was fast. It wasn’t but 6 months ago we worried Bitcoin may never reach it’s highest highs, but here we are knocking on $65k, with a brand new shiny Bitcoin ETF floating around to keep us company. Pat and Amy are back from tax season and ready to talk about everything, including…Draft Kinds […]

Oct 12th, 2021: The IMF Isn’t Even Ready for Pat’s Rant at Them

And another thing about the IMF, they spend a whole report bagging on crypto and don’t even mention the enormous benefits a fully transparent monetary system could have for a corrupt country?!?! Hear the begging of THAT rant today on the DeFi daily, plus Coinbase and Bitwave are getting into NFTs!

Oct 6th, 2021 – Do We Even Need to Say This? Don’t Dox Your Users!

We bury the lede, but boy did compound cause a stir over the weekend. That plus, hodl’ing is looking pretty good, and custodians are all the rage! And hey look, we have a new sponsor! Join Bitwave and the DeFi Daily at Money 2020 In Vegas, save some money with the code DEFI200

Sept 21st, 2021 – Monday, Blooooody Monday (On Tuesday)

Oh man, yesterday was a rough day, but don’t worry, Amy and Pat are here to help you understand this whole mess of a situation! Evergrande, Tether, contagion, oh my! Plus, insider trading at Binance?!?! Banish the thought!!

Sept 14th, 2021 – The Validators Were Forking Uncontrollably

It’s an all Solana show! We haven’t spent much time talking about the wunderkind protocol, but boy did they have a bad day. Pat hosts by himself to give you a deep dive into the Solana outage.

Sept 10th, 2021 – What Even is a Hot Take?

Doesn’t matter, cause Amy and Pat have ’em! Cyphertrace getting purchased for an undisclosed amount (that’s weird), dydx has a token dropping, and Algorand is locked in a bloody battle to give away as much money as possible – go get your’s! Oh, and happy Friday, maybe take the day off from looking at the […]