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Oct 12th, 2021: The IMF Isn’t Even Ready for Pat’s Rant at Them

And another thing about the IMF, they spend a whole report bagging on crypto and don’t even mention the enormous benefits a fully transparent monetary system could have for a corrupt country?!?! Hear the begging of THAT rant today on the DeFi daily, plus Coinbase and Bitwave are getting into NFTs!

Feb 26th, 2020: Coinbase is Worried About Satoshi

Pat and Amy are back to talk about Coinbase’s S1, Tether’s NY Court beatdown, and the market’s general reluctance to keep printing unlimited amounts of money. Happy Friday! Automatic Transcript: Amy    00:00:01    Hello, and welcome to the DeFi daily, a 10 minute or less DeFi and crypto update. I’m Amy here with Pat and we’re […]